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Your objective: to enter the German market in a professional way

Even top products don't sell automatically. Certainly not in Germany.

Increase chances for your company and products when entering the German market.

Make use of the sales, marketing and management service we offer to enable companies in the food, nonfood and ICT industries to establish a foothold in he German market fast and at reasonable cost.

We will act as your local managing partners and representatives and thus help to further expand and strengthen your operation in one of the most exciting and most important marketplaces in the world.

You will benefit from:

  •  reliable service and support at short notice
  •  in-depth knowledge of the German market, various target industries and trade channels
  •  advice independent of other products' priorities
  •  a dedicated service in the interest of your intentions and objectives
  •  more than 30 years' marketing, sales, managing and consulting experience
  •  a reasonable and transparent pricing model